Rectec - M142 ca

Rectec M142 VU Recording Monitor, new device designed to be connected to professional recorders not equipped with VU meters and volume controls recording/playback.
Connection is simple and intuitive to use, with bypassable input/repro volume controls , input / repro switch, headphone jack, plug the external monitor, peak indicators to +6 dB and +8.
The feature that makes the M142 one has the possibility of being able to connect to any recorder calibrated for 0 to +10 dBu inputs without having to do any setting, simply by turning the main switch "dBu / 0VU". In addition a selector on the back allows to connect semi-or consumer installations in recorders such as the Telefunken M15 that requires a signal to 6dBm, without sending Distorted the reproduction equipment on the outputs.

Large professional VU meters, robust and accurate in reading, led backlit.
Peak led indicators +6 and +8dB.
Bypassable volume control commands.

Adjustment 0 VU meter with 6 positions from 0 to + 10dBm.
Powerful headphone amplifier with volume control and second socket on the back.
Input / repro switch

Balanced XLR inputs/outputs.

Pre / post amp switch for monitor output.

Second headphone socket can also be used with small speakers.
12volt socket for recorder lighting.
Power supply 220V - 110V settable from inside.

M142 on Studer A80 and Telefunken M15A.

M142 on Studer A807 and B67 .

Watch the video

Diagram connection

Unbalanced XLR / RCA connection
Alternative to balanced connection, without signal decrease

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